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Double or Triple Pane Windows?

Replacement windows are great investment for you and your home. If you were to look into replacement windows, you will find you can save money on your heating and cooling costs. Why? About 40% of your annual budget goes towards energy costs yearly.

double or triple pane windows

More money will go into your pocket investing in replacement windows because of it’s impact on your energy uses.

Energy efficiency is an important factor when considering to get replacement windows. The main question is, which is better for saving on energy bills? Double pane and triple pane windows have its advantages, but you must decide which one is right for you. We’ve gathered information to make the decision easier for you.

The Case for Double Pane to be the Best

Double pane windows are known for being the best bang for your buck. In the entire country, double pane windows are the most popular choice. When you upgrade to double pane windows, you’ll notice a difference. Standard double pane windows with argon gas will reflect about 90% of energy and let 10% through.

For example, it’s a nice sunny day and the windows will only let in 10% of heat in, while the other 90% stays outside. On a cold day, the opposite occurs, as 90% of the heat will stay in, while 10% will leak out. In comparison with the triple pane, those windows reflect 97% of energy and allow 3% to pass through.

The downside however, is that the triple pane cost 1/3 more than double pane windows, making double pane windows the best option for a good deal up front.

If you like natural light, two panes of glass instead of three will have fewer coatings so the sun can get through. In simpler terms, double pane allows more light to come in. While it’s a small difference, it’s something to consider.

The Case for Triple Pane Windows to be the Best

Triple pane windows are most known for its comfort. On a cold day, the interior of a double pane window will be cooler than a triple pane window because triple pane keeps in more temperature. Because the temperature is so close to the wall temperature at any given time, triple pane windows give home owners more comfort and it feels more cozier.

Convection currents and drafts are also reduced. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, triple pane windows may be the right fit for you.

Besides the reduction in energy bills, you also get a reduction in noise with triple pane windows. With it’s extra pane compared to the double pane, the triple pane is the best option for keeping the noise out. Triple pane windows will make a difference if you have noisy neighbors or a busy street.

If you live in the city, triple pane would not only be good for noise reduction, but also for safety as the extra pane glass can help from glass shatter, depending on the windshield design.

Improvements Are Made by Getting New Windows

No matter the glass option you choose, your home will improve, as well as the window situation. Window’s have come a long way and getting those that are energy star efficient makes all the difference.

If you feel you’re ready for an upgrade, contact a company or local contractor near you. They will help you with the designs, estimates and connect you with knowledgeable technicians. Gather as much vital information as possible to make the right decision for you.