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The Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

If your energy bills are increasing but the actual cost of your energy hasn’t, it’s possible the real cost per unit of the energy has decreased over the years. However, that isn’t the case most of time as it may not be reflected in your cooling or heating bill.

argon gas windows

It’s possible the energy in your home is being wasted due to windows or drafty doors which increases your bills. So, what should you do?

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to look at the construction of your windows. Inefficient windows suck out the energy and thousands of dollars every year. If you are looking to replace your windows or renovate your home while looking for energy efficiency, argon gas-filled windows may be the solution.

The Problem with Old Windows

Old windows tend to be single pane, allowing drafts to come in and that causes energy inefficiencies. Heat loss can occur and this leads to space around the windows.

The surrounding window material can be corroded by oxygen, allowing warp to occur as well, contributing to the loss of cool and heat throughout the year.

Solution: Argon Gas in Windows

Filling argon-gas in double pane windows helps to insulate the room and minimize heat loss through the window. It’s odorless, colorless and not harmful even if leaking were to occur.

How can argon gas make your home more efficient?

Thermal insulation efficiency can be improved by adding argon gas because it’s denser than air. Argon gas being added to the captive air in the double-pane windows improves the energy transfer in the home.

Argon gas windows paired with special low emissivity (low-E) coating regulates the temperature of the window closer to room temperature. Air currents and drafts are eliminated when differing temperatures meet due to this process.

Is argon gas right for you?

It can be more expensive to inject argon into double-pane windows than to just buy plain single-pane windows, but think of the long-term benefits. Higher efficiency standards must be met with more stringent energy codes being imposed in recent years with the installation of new windows.

Installing argon gas filled windows can lower your home’s energy cost and increase your energy efficiency for years to come. Think of argon gas windows the next time you want a replacement window or looking to renovate your home.