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Repairing Window Screens

You’re relaxing on a warm summer’s day, observing the light coming into your room, only to then see there are tears within your window screens.

window screens

There are easy fixes however, ranging from small, medium to large tears. We’ll tell you how to repair these quickly right away.

Small Tears

In metal screens, small tears can be fixed by using a tweezers to twist the strands into shape then seal with a small amount of superglue.

Fiberglass screens can be fixed using a needle and fishing line to stitch the tear, then seal with superglue. Avoid pulling too hard, as that can make the patterns uneven and the screen may buckle.

Medium Tears

Damages that are more than one inch on a metal screen requires making a patch. Remove the screen from the window, place on a flat surface. Cut out a clean square where the damage is using a sharp utility knife.

Cut a patch that’s slightly larger than the damaged portion from the replacement screening. Bend the strands and unravel the edges through the existing screen until they are interwoven. Use an adhesive that is rated for your screen and glue the border.

Large Tears

Tears larger than a couple of inches in fiberglass mesh-type screening should be replaced with a whole piece of screen fabric. Find a flat work surface and lay the screen on it. Pry up the spline around the perimeter of the frame that holds the fabric in place by using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the screen fabric and the old spline.

Get a piece of screen that is larger than the size of the frame since the excess is trimmed to fit. If you’re thinking of shopping or are at a store, buy a spline roller and a new spline material that fits the groove of your screen, this way you can use the old spline if it’s not damaged.

If you don’t want to buy a spline roller and have a putty knife, that works too. Lay your new screen over the frame and have a couple of inches of overlap on all four sides.

Secure the top, stretch the screen fabric and secure along the bottom. Trim off excess material with a knife and secure each side.

We hope these tips help you repair any type of screen tear on your window screens. If you are having trouble, contact a professional for additional help and advice.