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Best Option for Replacement Windows: Vinyl

Finding new windows for your home is a daunting task and finding the right options can be tiresome. When looking for new windows, consider the cost, energy efficiency, cosmetic looks and structural issues, such as drafty windows.

Do you need to replace the leaky windows? How important is energy efficiency to you? Security and safety should also factor in to your decision, as well as the health and mold that could be in the environment. Is there a better way?

Vinyl Is the Most Popular

Vinyl windows has been heralded as the best option on the market today. Higher-end vinyl windows appeal more to customers who are looking for more energy efficiency while lowering drafts in the home.

These types of vinyl windows also are easy to maintain and last a lifetime. Premium vinyl windows create a healthier environment and add security to your home, all while being energy efficient too.

Great Customization

For those who are looking for a better cosmetic look for the home, higher-end vinyl windows provide this too as many companies offer stunning new looks since the addition of newer machinery and technology. White is usually the most common color vinyl windows come in, but companies are offering a PVC exterior bond that is painted, allowing more color options for customers.

Windows that can offer beauty and natural looks are wood windows. However the huge downside is that it’s expensive, not as energy efficient as high-end vinyl, air leakage and need maintenance. Rotting and molding are highly susceptible to wood windows as well.

Fiberglass offers impressive thermal ratings, but can cost more than higher-end vinyl. Fiberglass windows linearly have strength, but on the corners are weak and cannot be welded. They are also weaker structurally than high-end vinyl.

Vinyl Reigns Supreme

The next time you go shopping for new windows, consider the options you have and what’s right for your home. Think of the exterior and interior of your home and your needs. Put aside a budget and what you are looking for in a window.

If you and unsure, contact a professional and ask for quotes, warranties and free consultations.