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7 Window Privacy Tips

Windows are loved by all. From letting air into your home to letting in light, windows are versatile and comforting to your home. Even in an unfortunate scenario, windows can be an emergency exit. Windows alone however do not offer privacy.

window privacy ideas

Anyone can see into your home from the outside if there isn’t any covering or treatment. This is more noticeable at night when the interior lights are on and nothing is covering the windows, as anyone can see what’s going on inside the home during this time.

It’s important to have privacy, including in the bathroom. Take the time to find the right treatment for you to have privacy in your home for your windows.


What may seem as an obvious choice, blinds provide lots of privacy and many options are available. The most common options are Venetian blinds or horizontal blinds, which come in different materials such as vinyl, faux wood, plastic or wood.

Vertical blinds are also available, often used to cover glass doorways. Blinds that are built into the window itself, such as Venetian blinds, are available for purchase too. Some windows come with the blinds or already or you have to purchase a kit that installs the blinds over the current window.

You never have to dust blinds, they are convenient and the kids or pets don’t get tangled in them.


Similar to blinds, shades don’t have slates but use a fabric instead. Different kinds of shades available are honeycomb shades, roller shades and Roman shades. Shades allow light to filter through while providing privacy.


Using either blinds or shades, curtains can be used in a combination of either one for privacy and decoration. Curtains come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

Sheer curtains allow light into homes but do not provide complete privacy. To block light from coming in and allow complete privacy, use heavier curtains.

Window Film

In a variety of situations, window film and window decals can provide privacy. They can be used in bathrooms, front doors or other areas of the house with windows. You can install them yourself and they are usually applied inside the window.

This is an inexpensive and easy option if you do not want to replace your windows with glazed or etched glass. This is a good option if you are renting as well, since it can be removed if you were to move out.

Exterior Window Privacy Screens

If you want privacy in the bathroom but also ventilation, exterior window privacy screens may be the best option. They can be installed on the outside of the home and these screens feature slats.

Interior Shutters

A popular addition to bathrooms and kitchens, interior shutters are another way to provide privacy. Slats on the doors are featured, with the door often being moved completely out of the way providing an unobstructed view of the window.

These windows can be opened or closed with a piece of wood running down the center of the slats. The slats can be opened or closed, as well as the shutters being closed as a whole.

Textured Glass (Frosted Glass)

If you are looking for a popular yet tasteful way to provide privacy in the bathroom, textured glass may be the way to go. This glass provides a textured finish, giving it a decorative look. Since everything is distorted, you cannot see through this type of glass. This type of glass is mostly used in bathrooms and shower doors.

If you are unsure of which route to go, contact a professional or even a design company. Make sure to find a window that fits your needs and gives you the privacy you are looking for.